Date Action
24/12/2016 Create newletter
24/12/2016 New Game LHAUNA X0,X1,X2,X3,Planet-X4
26/12/2016 New MakiMaze's API

Upgrade Solumaze's API

28/12/2016 Add function to Sivaller's SDK
30/12/2016 Newsletters online
08/04/2017 Online API Sorialoz
05/03/2018 Upgrade mys downloader

Adding MictDrawPicture v0.4

Adding ResetHax v0.5

Adding ResetHax v0.6

16/04/2018 Add API for developper


Virtual FAT

06/01/2019 Rename DragFile version 0.1 -> 1.0
Add new version DragFile 1.1
20/02/2019 Add DragFile v1.2

Add MictDrawpicture v0.5

22/06/2019 Renew license Sivaller park
05/08/2019 Solve bug license ELS when install it
21/08/2019 Adding API Fat Reever

Adding FAT Roover V 2.2 et 3.0

Adding FtpFats/MapFatr

Organization index utility

02/12/2019 Critical bug solved on party park utility Sivaller which freezing when internet connected and sivaller internal website unreachable
02/12/2019 Adding LMS version 1.3
25/12/2019 Externalisation Internal License Manager for application/utility online since this date
25/12/2019 Adding Fat Roover 4.0
25/12/2019 Adding VDXS 4.0
02/01/2020 Adding LMS version 1.4
02/01/2020 Adding LMS version 2.0
06/01/2020 Adding Fats reever v2.0

Adding FtpFats v1.2

20/03/2020 Update license convention on commercial license
10/06/2020 LMS(License Manager Sivaller) 2.1 available
30/06/2020 Renew license Sivaller park

KDriveproxy v2.0 30/06/2020 available !

06/07/2020 Internal website : Link bug on software LMS,ResetHax,KDriveProxy !
07/08/2020 added
Add Solumaze v4.0
Add MakiMaze v1.0
Update website
29/08/2020 Adding free network for API SoluMaze
Adding free network for API MakiMaze
06/11/2020 Renew free and demo license valid until 21/05/2021
26/12/2020 Correction a naming file for solve serious problem
Add Resethax 1.0
19/02/2021 Adding version Sivaller.ftp v2.0

Adding Fat Rooxster v3.0

Adding Fat IgMa v1.0

Adding version Fat Roover v5.0

Adding version Fat Reever  v3.0

Adding version FtpFats v2.0

12/03/2021 Update fat webpage
Add free network license for using API Fats Sivaller Rooxster/Igma
25/04/2021 Adding license manager Sivaller v2.2
03/05/2021 Adding new API LinkProcI v1.0