Date Action
24/12/2016 Create newletter
24/12/2016 New Game LHAUNA X0,X1,X2,X3,Planet-X4
26/12/2016 New MakiMaze's API

Upgrade Solumaze's API

28/12/2016 Add function to Sivaller's SDK
30/12/2016 Newsletters online
08/04/2017 Online API Sorialoz
05/03/2018 Upgrade mys downloader

Adding MictDrawPicture v0.4

Adding ResetHax v0.5

Adding ResetHax v0.6

16/04/2018 Add API for developper


Virtual FAT

06/01/2019 Rename DragFile version 0.1 -> 1.0
Add new version DragFile 1.1
20/02/2019 Add DragFile v1.2

Add MictDrawpicture v0.5

22/06/2019 Renew license Sivaller park
05/08/2019 Solve bug license ELS when install it
21/08/2019 Adding API Fat Reever

Adding FAT Roover V 2.2 et 3.0

Adding FtpFats/MapFatr

Organization index utility

02/12/2019 Critical bug solved on party park utility Sivaller which freezing when internet connected and sivaller internal website unreachable
02/12/2019 Adding LMS version 1.3
25/12/2019 Externalisation Internal License Manager for application/utility online since this date
25/12/2019 Adding Fat Roover 4.0
25/12/2019 Adding VDXS 4.0
02/01/2020 Adding LMS version 1.4
02/01/2020 Adding LMS version 2.0
06/01/2020 Adding Fats reever v2.0

Adding FtpFats v1.2

20/03/2020 Update license convention on commercial license
10/06/2020 LMS(License Manager Sivaller) 2.1 available
30/06/2020 Renew license Sivaller park

KDriveproxy v2.0 30/06/2020 available !

06/07/2020 Internal website : Link bug on software LMS,ResetHax,KDriveProxy !
07/08/2020 added
Add Solumaze v4.0
Add MakiMaze v1.0
Update website
29/08/2020 Adding free network for API SoluMaze
Adding free network for API MakiMaze
06/11/2020 Renew free and demo license valid until 21/05/2021
26/12/2020 Correction a naming file for solve serious problem
Add Resethax 1.0
19/02/2021 Adding version Sivaller.ftp v2.0

Adding Fat Rooxster v3.0

Adding Fat IgMa v1.0

Adding version Fat Roover v5.0

Adding version Fat Reever  v3.0

Adding version FtpFats v2.0

12/03/2021 Update fat webpage
Add free network license for using API Fats Sivaller Rooxster/Igma
25/04/2021 Adding license manager Sivaller v2.2
03/05/2021 Adding new API LinkProcI v1.0

Adding new version of API VEC v4.0

Adding new version of ResetHax v1.1


Adding site which host sample without API source


Update installation of AlbumAC Ver 0.6

30/10/2022 Adding download runtime sivaller
18/02/2023 Adding License Manager Sivaller 3.0

Adding page link License Manager Sivaller 3.0

Adding API VDXS 4.1 with free license network


Redeployment install Solumaze API 4.0 enhancement

28/10/2023 Adding License Manager Sivaller 3.1

Update GameSok with adding GameSok III

03/11/2023 Adding triga max game from gamesok
07/11/2023 Adding triga max manual on
04/12/2023 Update Triga and Gamesok
15/12/2023 Up
23/12/2023 Replace console runscript by gui runscript

Up web page microcode license downloading

05/04/2024 Update license agreement
03/05/2024 Adding utility JidrawIn r1
06/05/2024 Adding new service Mys dotnet
24/05/2024 Adding new version Mazodaise v2.0

Adding new version CaseMeim v1.0

Adding new version MazeNeire v2.0

Adding new version Albumac v2.0

08/06/2024 Replace Jidrawin version R1 Release 2

08/06/2024 Replace failure Jidrawin SDK DLL -> Slowing filter
22/06/2024 Replace Jidrawin version R1 Release 3
22/06/2024 Add utility JidraWin r2