Good utility for product texture !

KaMotify for building pattern since one or multiple picture

The pattern builded by KaMotify can be embedded in your application/game OpenGL,DirectX ....

Advantage :

Compatible Windows XP,7,..,10
Easy generator/build pattern
Building multiple pattern
Filter pattern sharpen possible
Anti aliasing rotation
Possibility build pattern 1x1

Disadvantage :

Not free
Require License Manager Sivaller which is automaticly installed
Bug show rectangle preview cursor when scale is upper 1 with rotation (No bug in the building pattern)
Not portable !
Interface poor

Builting function :

Building pattern each click mouse
Anti alias filter pattern rotation
Sharpen filter pattern
Direct export pattern -> Clipboard
Multiple automaticly pattern with seed

Limit of the evaluation version :

One instance by user session
Limit resolution pattern 64x64 generator
Text should be recopied

Capture :

Downloading :

Version Downloading Changelog
1.0 Here