API LinkProcI

LinkProci API offers tools for developers for linking between processes and process server.

Good if you want to write a local application/program server for other client application/program

Linking  isolate from the network.

No need to bother to look for proper Windows API protocols and functions to link processes.


Advantage :

Can communicate between server processes with administrator's privilege to a customer process without administrator's privilege

Possibility to test the products with Full Function but limited in time

Speed of linking
Easy using
Sample code C et C# for API provided in installation

Disadvantage :

Not free
Not portable !
Two instances of Visual Studio must be runned for server and client only for the evaluation version license and Developpers license
Version 1.0 is not guaranteed to deploy the server process as Windows service

Evaluation version limit :

One instance per session user
Size trame limited to 128Ko
200 calles limited from server
Application using API should be attached from remote debugger

Downloading  :

Version Downloading Changelog
1.0 Here