You have an image of a plane and you need to do solve a solution from point A(begin)  to B (end) by around obstacles,it's not as easy to do by his head or by your hand.
Already have to convert the image (in bitmap format preferred) into color B / W (black representing a wall, barrier).
But a utility may be helpful for this.


Utility for tracing solved solution in real time from point A (start) to B (end), bypassing obstacles since a bitmap B / W (monochrome black and white).
Ability to export the solution on a text file or binary 16-bit.

Advantage :

Real time solution
Speed for operation moving point B (end)
Exportation possible to BITMAP file with traced solution

Disadvantage :

Slow for moving the point A (Begin)
Medium interface poor

Function built-in :

Beta Anti along
Saving plane to private format PBS with solution
Zoom Function
Possible Exportation into text file and binary 16b
Possible Exportation into bitmap file with traced solution
Real time solution

Downloading  :

Version Mirroir
v0.1 Halted
v0.2 here



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