Fat Sivaller in embedded system


Can you use these APIs and how to implement and use the fat API in an embedded system?

To use these APIs in an embedded system, the system must be platform x86, amd64, x64 and have the source codes of these APIs in order to

recompile them, except the source codes of these APIs are strictly closed (whatever the license and its type (ex Developer, User, Reseller,Commercial etc.), which makes it impossible to use in such systems.

These APIs can only be used only in Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 10 platform x86, amd64, x64 systems.

Can you use these API in the kernel driver Windows / kernel driver filesystem ?

These APIs are designed only to run on the layer user (usercode),  which is not guaranteed to run from the kernel layer (kernelcode).

For using these APIs as a virtual disk you must use the VDFS APIs or other concurrent API of  for gateway kernel <--> user disk filesystem

Can you use these API with out installer ?

For the moment no, that does not exist for the moment, you will need have a special portable license,and binary file containinig internal code manager license loaded (provided by Sivaller, available on sivaller.org),and the library file (.dll) API x86 / x64.

Can you use these API / Other API Sivaller in the ARM platform ?

Sivaller can produce ARM code, but Sivaller cannot test it ! because no working ARM emulator exists in the world! so ....

Can we use these APIs / Sivaller APIs in a Linux system?

Currently not ! In the long run it is likely that some APIs including FAT will be available for Linux systems but will not be free.