API (Virtual Disk File System - Virtual Disk Raw


A Rare Tools which are the API intended for develop an application managing of the virtual filesystem (since a logical unit) or  virtual raw disk..

No needed to develop a kernel  service ! this tools take it charges it.

These API VDFS are about for develop your  filesystem other than FAT NTFS,FAT,ExFat,FAT32  with out write a kernel code , however  the sample are are difficult to decode for the beginners in language C.

Tjese API VDFS with in optionnal of possiblity to develop some new functions IOCTL (directbuffer mode), called by API DeviceIoControl, and in optionnal of possiblity to develop some new functions IOCTL (directbuffer mode) on every  virtual file.
The API VDRS are intended to develop its own virtual rawdisk with in optionnal to develop of new functions IOCTL (directbuffer mode), called by API DeviceIoControl

Advantage :

Compatible XP,Vista , Seven
No write kernel code is required
Easy for developpement VDRS
Free Technical assistance by email on the parameter API setting
Price purchasing low
Evaluation version not limited in the time

Disadvantage :

API under the property of Sivaller
Showing at initialization of application using these API : some informations and coordonate from user having purchased these API
Compatbile Platform AMD64 (OS 64 Bits) but require mode TESTSIGNING fixed ON exception RS version
Mount point files ("FILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT") not supported at this time
Occasional BSOD possible
Sample small complex
API is no longer maintained because its complexe, future version possible
Sample available only for MSDEV

Fonctionnality builded :

Virtual RAW disk CDROM
Virtual disk fix or removeable
Eject drive since explorer windows
Set in mode offline a virtual disk in case crash or fatal exit of processus, but  should be executed in administrator mode
Mounting virtual disk (VDRS) as link since directory a NTFS FAT. But not supported
Possibility to develop your proper IOCTL function (directbuffer mode only) called by  a remote application by API function DeviceIoControl. Optional on the digital purchase of license
Tag virtual disk
File Mapping support for API VDFS

Element required :

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Visual Studio 2005./2010 et/ou Delphi 5.0

Demonstration version limitation :

2 global virtual disk
Virtual disk limited to 800 Mega byte
Mounting a virtual disk work only if the processus (application) is attached to remote debugger (Visual Studio , Delphi etc.)
Blend red Popup shwoing evaluation version

Downloading :



Versions Mirroir

Stopped !


Stopped !

V1.2 + (update demo license)

Stopped !

V2.3 Release 1 (TS)


V2.4 (TS)


V2.5 (TS)


V3.0 (TS)

Unavailable !

V4.0 Release 1 (TS)



Versions less than 3.0 are not compatible with versions greater than or equal to 3.0

This API is no longer maintained, please test it before purchasing a license!


Thank you :

I thank you for testing these API by announcing me the bugs by email