You being develop a strategy game containing map with obstacle (structure, assembly, rock), but you are annoy to determine by where must pass the unit (tank, vehicle, infantry),

you put yourselves the question: do I have to go along the lines of rocks?

Minis-map of 64x64, the white forms of color indicating  obstacle and the color black indicating the places accessible.

You wish to find a way not bringing a blue point to the red point:

A developer (me) wanting solver a way not blue point at the red point:

_ Alogrithme which skirts the obstacle n1 by making a turn of 180, but of which with dimensions? and if the red point were in bottom or top then after circumventing the obstacle n3 or the n2, it is not known, can be while determining if the level red point is higher or lower than the level there there blue point!

_ Not this algorithm, I do not agree to me will test another algorithm! worse! I have exceptions, I correct, and conclusion they are not good.

_  idem tests with another algorithm with the first, and it goes!

but with minis-map under below, that does not work, the last algorithm is not appropriate for the image below:

And quite sour  does not work on a labyrinth (black places inaccessible, white places accessible):

Short-nap cloth the bolle, I drop the project from my play strategy! it will remain with the corner of my disc to mildew.

Too bad!

May be that Sivaller will rescue your project with API Solumaze especially conceived for solver a plan with or without obstacle !

Ideal to develop strategy games, thanks to this API more concern (how I do make?) ,they are these API which does the work !

Possibility of solver of the labyrinths!

API Solumaze

These API being useful for solver in a magic way of the solutions of a point has with B (beginning and end) since a virgin plan or a plan containing of the obstacles!
It is about a completely magic bookstore! who finds in all the cases for piece A to piece B.

Exemple :

Meaning a piece

What that gives:

Magic and magic! it is API SoluMaze which is given the responsability about tracing the solution



Speed on the lower level of 512x512 resolution
Function for all type of plan at base point
Reception of the time process about functionsolving
Cropping on a possible of plan
Possibility of function avoid of a point A  against point B (opposite solving), which is the avoidance
Retturn Win Error 8 (nomoremem) if memory insufficient instead of causing an exception
Sample provided
Support for X86,AMD64
Buffer Map (KeepMap technology)
No bug on the solving to find!


Especially use much memory within resolution higher than 512x512
Require a digital license provided only by Sivaller Authority (demo license provided in this installation)
API not free and purchasing needed and under the property of Sivaller
License sold for one duration time going from 1 to 4 years, renewable
Source code unavailable
Free license (free) no available
Misfit for the plan vectorial (example game doom)
Multi stage plan not supported

Functions integrated:

Solving on a virgin level
Solving on a level containing of the obstacles
Support solving in diagonal
Virtual electric consumption (optional) used for the plays like SimCity

Demonstration Version , limitation:

Plan limited to 64x64
Web page of the owner posted at each initialization of the application
Red Popup posting shwoing message "version of demonstration"
Only one instance of your application is authorized

Downloading  :



v1.1 Halted !
v1.2 Halted !
v1.3 Halted !
v1.4 Halted !
v2.0 Halted !
v2.1 Halted !
v2.2 Here (Service + Sample)
v2.3 Here (Service + Sample)
v3.0 Here (Service + Sample)
v3.1 Here (Service + Sample)
v4.0 Here (Service + Sample)




External license support


Minor bug fixed

Controller resource runtime builted

FindCell runtile builted


Fixed trace SVS with raccordable/bend flag


Adding technology KeepMap (maintained in time guarantees!)

Compatibility for future application Microsoft.NET using these API


Adding function for tracing solution.


Adding function solve compacted-maze

Fixed Bug/Compatibility Microsoft Visual Studio 2012,2015


Critical bug during initializing Solumaze API

v2.0 :

 function nammed "Map"|"Buffer" builted

count family function builted

v1.4 : Security download revoke license

v1.3 : solve a circumstance bug in diagonal solve