Welcome on the page of the API VEC (Virtual Console Emulator)

API VEC  allowing control a virtual console since window of your application.
The showed characters are in conformity with that of the text mode offered by the video card

Integrated functionalities:

Charactere Mode 8x16
Charactere Mode 8x8
Management of the cursor
Seizure with the keyboard by the user

Favors :

Ideal for debugger its applications
API more lighter compared to that of Microsoft
Free license available at Sivaller
Do not require any specific kernel driver


The console controled must have focus for the reading of character from keyboard
Integral Source Code not available


Evaluation version limitation :

Limit 160x100 characteres
Only run if attached to a remote debugger
One instance by user session
Sample available for this time only C / C MFC
Popup red message

Downloading :

Version Mirror
V0.1 Release 1 Halted !
V0.1 Release 2 Halted !
V2.0 Release 1 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here

Service only  Here (with out sample)

V2.1 Release 1 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here

Service only  Here (Sans les samples)

V2.3 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here
V2.4 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here
V3.0 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here
V4.0 API + Sample (MSVC ++) Here
Change log:


Manager license in external


Compatibility for future microsoft.net using this API




Fixed Bug/Compatibility Microsoft Visual Studio 2012,2015

2.1 Release 1

GiveConsole Function

Security Download Revoke License

2.0 Release 1

Unload module

Unload License

Bug crash WM_SIZE

attribut  blinking in scrolling

Black Cursor ?????

Crash  if database of revoked digital license downloaded since server is wrong

Release 2:

Fix freeze over time for call function VEC_OpenLicense in some cases

Thank you :

Thank you to test this utility and to announce me by emails bugs discovered