Welcome on the page on the AlbumAC software

AlbumAC compile a series of photographs of format JPEG with  their comment in executable file allowing to be executed on all operating Microsoft system

Integrated functionalities:

Build executable file
JPEG Techology build-in
Systematic Encryptation of the images (> v0.1)
Configuration of the mode how do shwoing the picture in executable generated (> v0.1)
Possibility of generating executable which posting the photographs in full screen while remaining in the same video mode  (> v0.1)
Explorer Picture
Protection by password (> v0.1)

Advantage :

The executable  produced don't require  Sivaller module or additive module
The executable produced does not use the Windows functions for the decompression JPEG which clean and integrated
Protection of the picture by password in the executable generated

Disadvantage :

Showing of the license of the user on the executable produced by AlbumAC when running
Version not free
Source code not available

Limite from evaluation version  :

10 picture

Constraint of the license purchased :

Showing of the license of the user on the executable produced by AlbumAC

Price  of the license :

The price fixed, is posted in the programme of recording (purchasing) of software albumAC

Downloading sample  :

Version Mirror
V0.3 Halted !
V0.4 Here


Downloading :

Version Mirror
V0.1 Halted !
V0.2 Halted !
V0.3 Halted !
V0.4 Halted !
V0.41 Halted !
V0.5 Here
V0.6 Here


Thank you :

Thank you to test this utility and to announce me by emails bugs discovered