Utility ftp server for hosting files.

Also for transfert (Send,Receive,Copy) of files/directory  into virtual fat Sivaller.

For ftpfats no kernel needed

MapFatR can create virtual disk for manipulate of files/directory of virtual fat Sivaller (require VDXS service API with kernel drive built-in)

Advantage :

Free for every case
No kernel driver required for FtpFats utility
Possibility install future fat (if available)
Encipher possible for virtual fat (Roover ...)

Disadvantage :

(FTPFATS)Login connexion not possible with free license
(FTPFATS)WAN,LAN connexion is not possible with free license
(MAPFATR)Limit size file at 640Mb

Downloading :

Version Mirror ChangeLog
v1.0 Here


v1.2 Here Add BurnFats utility

Treeview on selecting profile

Minor bug on failure fFats_CreateFile on mapfatr 'handler disk'

v2.0 Here  Support for fat Rooxster

Alignment support in FtpFats and BurnFats

A runtime fat can be downloaded

Minor bug

Enhancement improvement in the use of FtpFats