Utility for user about make,solve maze

Possibility to solve a space since bitmap file


You are finding a utility which make a maze or which print a solution of maze or a map , It is here that you will find your happiness.

A utility for allow make,solve a maze with avoiding zone and allow calculate a solution since 2d map of bitmap file windows

Possibility real time animation paws with tick time internal configuration.

Real time solving since mouse move cursor.

Advantage :

Real time solveing
Maze don't provided since data base.
Exporting bitmap file with solution.
Exporting maze into PNG file alpha function.
Map Importation with avoiding zone since bitmap file
Possibility download a full license limited in the time

Disadvantage :

Require runtime (Solumaze,MakiMaze) which are automaticly installed. There are builded into installation.
Poor Interface
No free and not portable , license is required.

Downloading :

Version Mirror Changelog
v1.0 Here New
v2.0 Here Bug solving on adding obstacle when takemap enabled

Crash on every circonstance

External support license