A game to exercise you to walk in a 2d maze to find the solution, well it is here that you will find your happiness


A games utility for exercise you to play find the solution of a maze since keyboard.

Can be used to muscle his brain of what to exercise to find the solution of a maze.

Possibility of saving game with mini interface 'highscore' and note / 40

Advantage :

No runtime-service required
Saving play
'Replay' function builted
Mode cheiche includes
Showing visited zone according to user
Player's outcome and score
Low price buying this product.
Dowloading full license limited in the time possible since Mys utility.

Disadvantage :

Some maze since database
Database maze required which is automaticly installed.
Maze generator,Maze building are unavailable in this game product
Poor Interface
No free and not portable , a license is required

Downloading :

Version Miroir ChangeLog
v1.0 Here New
v2.0 Here External license support