You have need a texture for your game and we have tire for make.

It's require a lot of time for make a texture below since utility paintshop pro,gimp etc.


It's in five minutes only than picture above can be make by MictDrawPicture's utility.

Utility can be used if you make a 3d game  .

This utility is for product art/texture and also product connectable art/texture.

This utility support BMP/PNG(with background) about support mixopen somes file.

This utility had be used by Sivaller for texture production game GameSok-LhaunaPlanet.

Advantage :

Ideal for make texture's picture
Fast built
Possibility for test this product with full function but limited in the time.
Possibility for product texture since ClipArt.
Possbility for work connectable texture since other picture's utility PaintShop,Gimp by copy/paste clipboard

Disadvantage :

No free
License Manager Sivaller required but automatically installed.
No portable !
Maximal resolution limited to 256x256 with logo/demo
Function save only jpeg file /clipboard.
Only Support file BMP , PNG reading ,for mixage function
Interface poor

Functions builded :

Sauvegarde configuration/parameter per user
Sauvegarde configuration/parameter
Import/export by lipboard for working connectable's texture by other picture's utility (Gimp PaintShopPro ...).
Support PNG with blending,BMP
Connectable Function available according user
Export to clipboard or jpeg file
Mix de picture's tag with random percentage .
Insertion mixage circular picture brush  since some pictures choosed by users.
Insertion mixage : vector ,circle,polygons filled according user
Value percentage mixage picture's tag configurable
Possibility to limit the color since palette color.

Evaluation version limit :

One instance by user's session
Demo Logo inserted in picture
Resolution maximale limited to 256x256

Downloading :

Version Downloading Changelog
0.2 Here


0.3 Here

Crash if 0 tag choosed

Add buton for choose manual picture-file

0.4 Here

Add tag rotation function with anti-alias filter

Add manual glyph

Filter picture Connectable/Bending

0.5 Here

Add rotation function in work 'Circle VX'

Add filter picture 'Sharpen'