ResetHAX for à reboot the machine ?

NO !

C'est plutot d'un éditeur hexa-decimal à l'ancienne (console DOS emulé),  une application plutôt Win32.

It's rather a hexa-decimal editor file (DOS console emulated) , a rather a Win32 Application

Hexa-decimal , binary edition mode builted !

Advantage :

Binary mode edition possible
Possibility test the product with full function but limited in the time

Disadvantage :

Not free
License Manager Sivaller and V.E.C API service required are be automatically installed
No finding,printing function
Not portable

Fonction intégrés :

Hexa-decimal mode edition
Binary mode edition
Mouse Wheel , Seeking
Static position
Real time or memory mode edition.

Evaluation version limitation :

One instance per user session
Text should be copied
File/edition limited to 64Ko

Snapshot :


Downloading  :

Version Downloading Changelog
0.1 Here  
0.2 Here Security Downloading Revoke License

Scrolling Mouse

Minors bug

0.3 Here Compatibility Service VEC
0.4 Here API VEC builted into installation package


Here Auxiliary (Importation / data exportation)

Auxiliary (Real time)

Bug showing version 1.0


0.6 Here Segment memory for editing file in memory mode

Lot bug showing version

1.0 Here Show error license not found if license not found
License external manager
1.1 Here Use of API V.E.C v4.0 to solving bug about a hanging ResetHax at startup in certain circumstances