ThinkBeast ,a cron application which for showing popup for prevent user at such moment (date and time) , but launch/play mp3,program,dll at the such moment (date and time)

This application can be use than alarm time

Advantage :

Possible test with virtual clock if the license allow it
Every appointment database user can be separately stored
Function starting with windows can be possible
Basic Use

Disadvantage :

Require License Manager Sivaller software which is automatically installed
No portable !
Playing webradio function unavailable
Interface to be done there

Built-in Function :

Cron (function daily newspaper , one a time)
*VC (Virtual Clock) for application
Automatically *VC synchronization
Cron which start mp3,windows program,library(dll)
Cron Popup

Limit for a evaluation version :

text to be recopied by the user

Downloading :

Version Mirror Changelog
1.0 Ici